Hi! I’m Sonia,

Wellness & Herbalist Educator and Coach

I started developing my own natural and organic products and foods years ago because of skin and health issues. Like many people, I was comforted by nature and all the creatures and beings in this world which helped me to overcome and manage my pain and suffering. I soon realized how fortunate i was, since it was very visible to me that most people didn’t have the same privilege, that there was so much misinformation and lack of understanding and access to be comforted and nurtured in the same way i was, especially in the most underserved communities in my city.


I decided then to spend the rest of my life in educating and supporting my community in any way i could. For the past years I have dedicated my life to learn, experience, observe and teach.

I am a very active educator and health and wellness coach in the Hispanic community in Milwaukee, WI. I focus on creating awareness about the importance of personal and environmental care, especially the care of digestion, nutrition, movement, emotional management, and reconnection with nature as main pillars of a healthy life. One of my main passions is to teach people how to create their own medicines and find alternative and creative ways to heal.


  • I specialize in Vitalism Herbalism and Integrative and Functional Nutrition and Wellness

  • I am an adjunct instructor at the North American Institute of Herbal Medicine, where I focus on adapting, translating, and teaching the curriculum for Spanish speakers

  • I am a certified wellness counselor from the Wellcoaches® program and work as a health coach, specializing on weight loss, metabolic and sleep disorders, and stress management

  • I am a POCA® ear acupuncture technologist and a yoga, meditation, and personal care instructor from the Breath for Change® program

  • I am finishing my certifications in Natural Skin Care Formulations from the School of Natural Skin Care and Integrative and Functional Nutrition from the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy.