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Wild Foraging Therapy

For those that are not familiar, Wild Foraging is basically walking in the land or forest to gather edible or medicinal plants or mushrooms. This is something I used to do when I was a kid in my small hometown in Colombia on a regular basis, our condo apartment was literally in the middle of tropical forests and surrendered by mountains. My parents were avid hikers and since we didn't have too much money we will gather food from the forest to give us the energy to continue the journey.

Wild Foraging Roots

Why do I consider Wild Foraging a form of therapy?

  • You must be fully present and focused to find the hidden gems!

  • You need to pay close attention to every single part of the plant. Misidentification can be dangerous if you pick the poison looked like or you might be gathering a plant that is not even edible or medicinal

  • You might spend hours in the open field without even noticing the time passed

  • It Is a silent activity and you get the chance to hear the beautiful sounds of nature

  • You get immediate gratification when you have the plant in your hands and you can either eat it immediately in many cases or prepare it later

  • You will develop a special connection, gratitude, and a feeling of abundance when you realize how much nature offers us for pretty much nothing in exchange….

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