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What is Gua Sha?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

We could say it is a method of scraping away disease, fever, or some type of sickness from the body generally.

It is a healing procedure original from traditional East Asian medicine. It used to be a natural traditional therapy that involves using a “spatula” made from buffalo horn to massage the skin.

The Gua Sha tool has been adjusted and modernized and made from finer materials to massage the appropriately lubricated area of the body surface in upward strokes, or in a swift and gentle but vigorous scraping motion in order to relax stiff muscles while relieving pain and tension, treat certain illnesses, as well as improve blood circulation.

How to do facial Gua Sha

Wash your face. Apply enough oil to the face and make quick, smooth upward-facing strokes . Wash your Gua Sha tool with had soap after each use.

This video can give you more ideas on how to perform this massage


It might create minor bruises which either appears as purple or red mark known as “Petechiae” or “sha”, those should disappear in few days.

Try massaging a very small portion of your face first and wait a couple of hours or days to see any reaction.

There are many other instructional videos online on how to do Gua Sha self treatments in head, neck (Like this one), shoulders, back and even legs!.

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