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How to Increase Energy & Stamina

Fatigue affects everyone, at some time or another; some of the symptoms include Drowsiness, errors in familiar tasks, repeated yawning, difficulty keeping eyes open, head nods, microsleeps, irritability or impatience, memory loss or forgetfulness (e.g. not being able to remember the last 5min driving), difficulty concentrating/Dream-like thoughts, and blurred visions. Most people feel helpless when these symptoms become unmanageable and finding the right help can take decades or become a lost cause for many.


The figure above shows the main areas of life where we can look for possible habits or changes that can be causing fatigue; addressing each one of them can take many years of exploration, wins and failures, lifestyle changes, and much more. However with the support of medicinal plants, foods, and therapies like acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and heat therapy among others many people have successfully changed this, including me!!!.

There is not a precise list of taking herb x or y and your fatigue will be gone. Each person has different needs based on possible root causes, the most common of them being lack of sleep, overwork, poor diet, stress, or even undiagnosed conditions or infections. Some medicinal plants that can help in such cases are nervines like Hops, Lavander, Chamomile, etc., nutritive like Nettles, Oatstraw, Alfalfa, etc., alteratives such as Yarrow, Dandelion, and adaptogenic such as Reishi mushrooms, Astragalus and many more. An experienced herbalist can help you match the right plants for you, customize the type of extracts or applications, and guide you to the kind of complementary therapies that will be more beneficial.

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