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Herbalism & Wellness

Workshops & Retreats

Bilingual Herbalism and Wellness Workshops and retreats customized for all kinds of individuals,  organizations, and corporations.

Therapy Session


Personalized Herbalism & Health coaching for chronic conditions such as Pain, Insomnia,  Stress,  Diabetes, High Cholesterol or Blood Pressure, IBS or Chronic Digestive Issues, and Obesity among others.


Medicinal Tallow Balms & More

Medicinal and natural Balms, Soaps, Ointments, and Supplements to help manage pain, insomnia, and skin conditions. Formulated by Herbalist and Made with 100% Grass-fed Beef Tallow and Wild foraged or Organic Herbs.


Hi, I’m Sonia

Wellness & Herbalist Educator and Coach

My favorite thing is to teach people how to create their herbal and natural own medicines and find alternative and creative ways to heal.

I have also developed a FIVE STAR  line of Herb Infused and 100% Grass-fed Beef Tallow Therapeutic Products for the entire family.

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